Reasons To Never Purchase Knockoff or Comparable Body Glove Water Filters

Reasons To Never Purchase Knockoff or Comparable Body Glove Water Filters

One beauty of online shopping is there are many alternatives.

Rarely does a customer automatically purchase the first thing they see online, the online buying process is more-than-likely accompanied with price comparison. 

Despite of price comparison benefiting the online customer, there are some products where quality will always beat a cheaper price. 

In this instance, its Body Glove Replacement Water Filter Cartridges.

We explain in this blog reasons to never purchase a knockoff Body Glove Water Filter. 


Below are the Body Glove Water Filter Replacement Cartridges. 

You can see all of the contaminants that are filtered out in every tier of these authentic Body Glove Water Filter Cartridges. 

The very first and most important reason to never purchase a knock Body Glove water filter cartridge is because of safety. 

Most companies advertise that their "comparable" replacement water filter cartridge fit seamlessly into an authentic Body Glove water filter system.  This may be true, but the contaminants the knockoffs or "comparable" Body Glove water filters are claiming they filter are not vetted by any third party. 

All authentic Body Glove water filter replacement cartridges are inspected by the NSF

The NSF is responsible for thoroughly examining that our Body Glove water filters are actually filtering out the reductions we claim in the above image. 

This means you without a doubt get the reductions in your water and can have peace of mind that your drinking water is actually filtering out what we claim. 

Knockoffs do not do this.  With a knockoff yes you get a cheaper price, but you have no idea what your filter is actually filtering out. 

3M is the manufacturer of Body Glove and as a vetted company by the NSF, you can even visit 3M on the NSF website to confirm.

No Warranty

If you purchase a Body Glove filter or system from anyone else other than the following, Water Inc online authorized retailer you are at risk of nulling your warranty with Water Inc, the master distributor of Body Glove. 

There are only three online authorized retailers of Body Glove replacement cartridges, and us, DrinkingWellCo, is one of them. 

Without a warranty you could be spending more money on a replacement, instead of getting a free one from Water Inc if there is any manufacturer defects, which is very rare. 

In this case, your initial savings by purchasing a knockoff or comparable water filter could eventually make you spend more.  

Do yourself and your residence a favor and purchase an authentic Body Glove water filter. 


If you're in need of a replacement Body Glove water filter, do not be fooled by the knockoffs. 

If there is no Body Glove logo on it, or if you aren't purchasing from one of the three online authorized retailers, you could experience safety issues and a nullification of your manufacturer warranty. 

Click here for our Body Glove replacement water filter line, we ship for free same day if purchased before 11 AM Mountain Time, and usually it only takes 2-3 business to arrive at your door. 

If price is the issue, please contact us here, and we can figure out which Body Glove replacement water filter fits you and your budget. 

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