Difference Between the Body Glove BG-3000C vs Body Glove BG-3000R

Difference Between the Body Glove BG3000C vs Body Glove BG3000R


We have gotten this question multiple times over the 5 years DrinkingWellCo has been active online. 

What is the difference between the BG3000C and the BG3000R?

First off, these two replacement filter cartridges' are not the same.  In this blog we will go about explaining the differences between the BG3000C and the BG3000R. 


The BG3000C is the replacement filter cartridge for the BG1000, BG3000, and BG12000 system. 

When you purchase any of the Body Glove systems previously mentioned, you receive the system and corresponding cartridge along with it. 

The good thing about purchasing any of the systems mentioned, is that any of the cartridges such as the BG1000C, BG3000C, or BG12000C, are all interchangeable with any of the previously mentioned systems. 

Meaning even if you have a BG1000 system, you can still use a BG3000C or BG12000C replacement filter cartridge for that BG1000 system, and vice versa.


When you purchase a BG3000R, the "R" at the end stands for retrofit. 

Meaning you can ONLY use the BG3000R replacement Filter cartridge for the Everpure H-300 filter system. 

This is an older system, and it can be upgraded by purchasing the BG3000R.


 To reiterate, the BG3000C is for the Body Glove 1000, 3000, and 12000 systems. 

The BG3000R is for the Everpure H-300 filter system. 

Although both having "3000" in the name of the replacement filter cartridge, these two are very different. 

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