Why The Body Glove BG-6000FF Water Filter System Works Best For Apartments

Why The Body Glove BG-6000FF Water Filter System Works Best For Apartments

We all understand the importance of water.  Our DrinkingWellCo mission includes not only the product offering of clean water accessories, but also the information surrounding clean drinking water.

We don't promote single-use water bottles as they are detrimental to our environment, but we encourage purchase of water filtration systems.  




This blog addresses the scenario of living in an apartment or rental property and you are not able to drill a hole for a dedicated water filter faucet. 

What do you do if you live in a rental property and want a clean water filter system? 

Fortunately, we have a popular water filter system for you, that will provide clean drinking water in your apartment without drilling an extra hole. 

These filter systems go directly onto any faucet with ease of installation. No drill needed. 

We are pleased to introduce the Body Glove BG-6000FF system.

The Body Glove 6000 Full Flow system can work with your current kitchen faucet or even bathroom sink faucet.  There is no need for a dedicated or separate faucet, you can use the faucet you have right now. 

Also no drilling is involved!  The BG-6000FF system reduces many things such as chlorine taste, odor, cloudiness, sediment, rust, Giardia, lead, and lime scale to name just a few.  

If you want the full list of what this system filters out, please take a look below. 



Other BG-6000FF System Features Include
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate & 6,000 gallon capacity, could last up to a year/year and a half, depending on usage
  • Installs directly to existing kitchen faucet
  • No need to drill
  • Works great for apartments
  • 3/8" ported inlet & outlet
  • Easy cartridge recycling program 
  • Engineered carbon block technology that will conserve water for max filter life
  • 3M manufactured
  • Certified for sustainability by the Water Quality Association

If you are in the market for a water filter system and you live in an apartment or rental, the BG-6000FF is the one for you. 

Even after you leave your rental property and move into your own home, you can still bring this with you.  

The BG-6000FF water filter system comes with a water filter cartridge already, it is the BG-6000FFC water filter replacement cartridge, which can be installed DIY with no plumber involved!

If you believe this could be right for you, but have questions, do not hesitate to contact  us via form, or email at support@drinkingwellco.com, or give us a call at (720) 320-5050.

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