DrinkingWellCo Gives Back

Home water filtration is a great way to reduce the usage of single-use water bottles. 

Our DrinkingWellCo team is committed to environmental sustainability. 

Home water filtration is a great way to reduce the usage of single-use water bottles. Which in return helps our oceans and environment.

Simply using a water filter system at home, instead of water bottles, helps the environment tremendously. 
We wrote about water bottle environmental impact here.  

Our social media platforms also bring awareness to the detriments of water bottles, please follow us for more info about how we are helping our environment and how you can also.

Our Environmental Involvement

Our efforts continue towards aligning with organizations that help our environment, we are committed to the plight of environmental sustainability.

We're an Authorized Water Inc Online Distributor.  One of our top brands, Body Glove, has a partnership with the SurfRider Foundation, a foundation that helps our oceans decrease plastic and waste. 

Every Body Glove filter sold has a portion of profits donated to the SurfRider Foundation, which in return helps the clean-up of our oceans and large bodies of water.  Read more here.

Each Body Glove filter is also recyclable. 

In addition, in 2020 we are beginning our journey of planting one tree per transaction on our website. Scroll down to see more about One Tree Planted.

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One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted helps DrinkingWellCo plant trees with a goal of reforestation.