Water Inc The HousePure Reverse Osmosis System WI-HP-RO-3000

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Water Inc The HousePure Reverse Osmosis System WI-HP-RO-3000

This item will be ordered from our Manufacturer/Supplier, give it 5 business days to arrive at our warehouse, then another 3-5 business days to arrive at your residence.

If you already have a system and need the replacement filter kit, please click here.

What you get: Tank, Chrome Faucet, System/Filter/Membrane, and all of the fittings needed for seamless install!

See photos below for more information!

This WI-HP-RO-3000 Reverse Osmosis system is:

  • Truly purified.
  • Designed to remove many impurities from your water.
  • Provides 21 gallons of pure water per day for you and your family.
  • The perfect choice for homes with salt-using water softeners.
  • Effortless with click-in lock cartridge installation.
  • Color coded cartridges maintains proper filter sequence.
  • NSF certified for peace of mind (NSF Standard 42, 58 and 53).
  • Designed for regions with specific water concerns like arsenic.
  • Reduces Fluoride.
  • A good choice if you are concerned about nitrates.
  • Chrome air gap faucet included.
  • TDS meter included to check your membrane performance annually.
  • Multi-purpose air gap that are available in many finishes.

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