Environmental Water Systems Essential RO3-UV 3-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System with Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection

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Advanced 3-Stage Under Counter Reverse Osmosis System with Added UV Protection from Bacteria & Viruses.

At A Glance

  • Three stage RO3 contains our unique two stages of advanced, high grade carbon filtration.
  • High-capacity 50 gallon per day reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Pre-carbon filtration to protect the membrane from chlorine.
  • Post-carbon block filtration is unique to all EWS RO Systems for removal of lead and cysts.
  • Removes and reduces chlorine, chloramine, pharmaceutical residues, dyes, fuels, heavy metals, minerals, total dissolved solids, lead and cysts.
  • Enjoy the convenience and health of filtered water at the kitchen sink (or any sink).
  • City water or well water*.

*WELL WATER WARNING Well water is required to have independent, complete and proper testing of your well water to determine the proper course of action in order to specify the correct system(s).

Features & Benefits

  • No more wasting money on bottled water.
  • No more drinking chlorine, chloramine, pharmaceutical residues, dyes, fuels, and more.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Hassle-free filter replacement once per year (rated for 1500 gallon capacity).

Enjoy contaminant-free water that meets your preferences for taste (i.e. “flatter” taste) and removal of minerals, total dissolved solids, fluoride and inorganics.

Unparalleled product quality and longevity. Award-winning customer service and expertise. Over 98% customer satisfaction. Top-performing, USA-made filtration is all we do.

The ESSENTIAL RO3 System can be installed at a kitchen sink, wet bar, or bathroom sink. Enjoy delicious, better-than-bottled quality right at your sink, on-demand! Save over $2,000 per year in bottled water costs.

  • Made in California, USA.
  • Enjoy a truly high quality product - no smell, no BPA, no phthalates.
  • Just twist-and-click to replace your filters once per year.**
  • No more buying, lugging, and storing bottled water.
  • Enjoy delicious, odor-free water straight from your sink, anytime!

**Not to exceed 1 year. Filter life also depends on your water usage and water quality.

Real Protection from Contaminants. 

The Essential RO3 was designed from the ground up with our full bed depth, fully compliant, USA made filters to handle difficult contaminants like chloramine (chlorine and ammonia compound). It is a new breed of reverse osmosis that effectively protects you from chloramine, chlorine, THMs, lead and cysts.

Our filtration appliances are in use worldwide by hospitals, medical centers, health and fitness centers, military, professional athletes, and thousands of personal homes worldwide.

Healthier Home & Lifestyle.

All our sink filtration systems are designed to prevent you and your family from drinking various contaminants and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals. Enjoy chlorine-free, healthy, filtered water – use for drinking, filling up a pet's water bowl, watering plants, making tea and coffee, or filling up the humidifier with chlorine-free filtered water.

Easy to Install & Self-Maintains. 

Our RO3 is a hassle-free, user-friendly system that only requires a filtration replacement about once per year (based on your local water conditions and usage).

The Highest Quality Possible. 

We are known throughout the industry for our impeccably high standards, quality materials, and American manufacturing that meets or exceeds all FDA, NSF, ANSI, and California State standards and compliance.

Environmentally-Friendly & Cost-Effective. 

Our sink filtration systems are the environmentally-friendly, maintenance-free choice to filter your water — no toxic chemicals, no corrosive salts, no metal resins, no gimmicks. Replace expensive and wasteful bottled water with healthy, filtered EWS water from your sink. Our parts are recyclable and our proprietary filtration media is completely compostable and biodegradable. 

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