How To Recycle Old Body Glove Water Filters

How To Recycle Old Body Glove Water Filters

The Issue

Our goal for DrinkingWellCo is to help the environment. 

We are an Authorized Online Retailer of Body Glove and a big benefit from purchasing our Body Glove Water Filters is that a Water Filter system will help reduce single use water bottles. 

Body Glove is also partnered with the Surf Rider's foundation that helps clean up our ocean and bodies of water. 

A clean ocean is underrated, because many of the plastic water bottles we use end up harming the Earth's ecosystem and ocean species that inhabit it.

Did you know about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

It is a collection of plastic, floating trash halfway between Hawaii and California, has grown to more than 600,000 square miles, a study found.

That's twice the size of Texas.

How To Recycle Old Body Glove Water Filters

With this being said Water Inc, Body Glove's master distributor, has made it very easy to recycle your old Body Glove water filters. 

Just click this link, and they will send you a free UPS prepaid label and they will recycle your old Body Glove Water Filter for you. 


To see more of how we giveback to our environment take a look at our "Giving Back" page.  This page explains our partnerships with Body Glove, Surf Rider Foundation, and One Tree Planted.

If you have any other questions regarding How to Recycle Old Body Glove Water Filters, please just use this link to contact us or email us at



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