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Cooking With Efficiency

Cooking With Efficiency

by Kevin Castelo

Cooking With Efficiency

A hot tank, which provides instant-hot water, is a unique way to save time and water while cooking. A hot tank holds a reservoir of water under your sink, dispensed instantly through a dedicated faucet. It’s like an electric water kettle, except better. An instant hot tank can generate up to 60 cups of water per hour at up to 190 degrees.

Instant hot water can save time at every phase of cooking. When boiling water, starting at 190 degrees is a significant head start. In addition, some foods can be prepared instantly with hot water, such as tea, ramen and chicken broth. Finally, have you ever wasted time and water running your main faucet waiting for hot water? When the cooking is done rinse and soak your dishes steaming hot water without wasting time or water.

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