Acuva Eco NX Silver LED-UV Water Purifier WI-ECO-NX-SILVER

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Acuva’s Eco NX Silver LED-UV Water Purifier WI-ECO-NX-SILVER

Item will be ordered from our supplier/manafacturer, expect to arrive at your residence between 8-10 business days.

Body Glove System sold separately, if you need a new Body Glove Cartridge please click here and choose according to your current system.

Acuva’s Eco NX Silver Water Purifier provides a zero maintenance, compact unit which can be conveniently installed in-line after your Body Glove 1000, 3000, or 12000 filter systems to provide a safe, non-chemical microbiological treatment system for your drinking water!

The Acuva Eco NX-SILVER comes complete with power adapter and all essential installation components. The unit is easily mounted with two screws inside your cabinet under the sink. Then, it is a basic water “in and out” installation.

The Acuva ECO NX-SILVER Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System eliminates waterborne bacteria and viruses. A secondary filter, such as a Body Glove water filter, is recommended to reduce sediment, eliminate harmful elements such as lead, and remedy the tastes and odors in the water.

With an Acuva Eco NX-SILVER Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System along with a Body Glove Water filter under your kitchen sink, your family will have a 2-STEP system in place to deliver clean water.


-Blue light indicator of working UV-LED

-Runs on 110V to 220V AC or 12V DC 

-Automatic on/off functionality with built-in sensor 

-Acuva products come with limited 1 year warranty

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