Why Filter Your Water at Home?

Save Time - It's hard to beat having great tasting, clean water at the push of a button. No more hauling water from the grocery store, managing delivery services or settling for tap water.

Save Money - Filtering water at home removes many of the costs that filtered water alternatives must incur, including packaging, labor and transportation. A home filter with a 1,000 gallon capacity is the equivalent of over 5,000 12oz bottles. Even if you take a best-in-class filter that costs $300, it is the equivalent of just $0.05 per bottle of water. Bottled water just can't compete!

Improve your health – Water quality varies dramatically by region. Even the best tap water has contaminants that could be harmful to your health.

Help the Environment – Great water does not need to come from distant tropical islands, melting glaciers or large, remote filtration facilities. Help eliminate the pollution from transporting water. In addition, reduce your share of plastic and aluminum consumption.

Demand great taste – Filtered water tastes better!

What is a hot tank and why do I need one?

A hot tank stores filtered hot water in a tank under your sink. Benefits include:

Save Time – Have filtered hot water ready instantly for your tea, for example. Shorten your cooking time by starting with water at a near-boiling temperature.

Save Water – Eliminate the need to run your kitchen faucet waiting for the water to warm up.

Demand Purity – If you don’t like drinking tap water, why not apply the same standard to the water you use in your tea and cooking?

Water filtration systems from Drinking Well Co. can remove up to 99.9% of water contaminants.