Environmental Water Systems F.SET.RO3-UV Replacement Filter for 3-Stage Reverse Osmosis System with Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection

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Replacement Filter Set for RO3-UV Advanced 3-Stage Under Counter Reverse Osmosis System with Added UV Protection from Bacteria & Viruses.

At A Glance

  • Three stage RO3 contains our unique two stages of advanced, high grade carbon filtration.
  • High-capacity 50 gallon per day reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Pre-carbon filtration to protect the membrane from chlorine.
  • Post-carbon block filtration is unique to all EWS RO Systems for removal of lead and cysts.
  • Removes and reduces chlorine, chloramine, pharmaceutical residues, dyes, fuels, heavy metals, minerals, total dissolved solids, lead and cysts.
  • Enjoy the convenience and health of filtered water at the kitchen sink (or any sink).

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