When Do I Change My Body Glove Filter?

When Do I Change My Body Glove Filter?


When is it time to change your Body Glove Filter?  

This question is as old as time itself, we have a couple ways to figure this out, and in this post we will go over different ways to decipher when it is time to change your Body Glove Filter. 


One method is every year on the nose. 

If you've ever purchased a Body Glove filter from us, we send out email reminders around one year of purchase. 

This is tricky, because it is not exactly one year, because sometimes people purchase but do not immediately install the filter. 

Just be aware when you actually purchase compared to when you actually install the water filter, then go ahead and countdown from the installation date.

This is a good and safe way to figure out when to get a replacement, but not the most accurate, as there is times where you have a filter for a year but it still has adequate usage left.  

Slow Flow Rate

 When you see your flow rate decrease on your spigot this means that the sediments within your filter are used up and it is time for you to purchase a replacement. 

This is a sure fire way to know that you've used you Body Glove filter up, but might not be the most efficient way. 

When your filter's flow rate decreases means you should probably already have a replacement on hand. 

If you are just going to order a replacement when this happens, there could be unfortunate delays getting a new replacement filter.


Probably the most efficient way to figuring out when to replace your Body Glove filter is purchasing a WI-BG-MONITOR

The WI-BG-MONITOR comes standard with every BG12000 System, but if you have either the BG1000 SystemBG3000 System, or BG6000FF System, it does not come with one. 

What the WI-BG-MONITOR does is count down from either 450,1000, or 6000 gallons, and it will let you know exactly when you are approaching the end of your filter.

We deem this option the best, for a discount go ahead and do DISCOUNTME at checkout.

If you need help for anything do not hesitate to contact us.