How To Replace Your Zip Water ZIP01034276 93701 Filter


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You're here because you might be needing to change out your Zip Water ZIP01034276 93701 Filter

First we want to say that your Zip Water HydroTap Base Unit will provide a notification of when to replace your filter. 

Your change filter light will begin to flash white until the filter is replaced and the filter percentage will show at 0% at the Home Screen. 

First Step

Find an empty bucket to gather the water which is flushed through the system, also a towel to clean up spills.

Second Step

Click Menu>Installation>Filter Flush, now start and stop should be what is on your screen. 


Hydro Tap Base Unit Menu ScreenZip Water Hydro Tap Start and Stop Screen


On the Zip Water HydroTap Base Unit, open the door that is in front of the command center, then you can see the filter you would need to replace. 

Zip Water Base Unit Filter Storage

Third Step
In the rear on the right side of the cartridge there is a flush line which looks like a hose
This is sealed with a stopper located in the middle of the hose. 
Take the open end of the flush line and place it inside of your bucket, then turn the stopper on and then off to alleviate pressure.
(First Picture is on and Second Picture is off)

 Zip Water Stopper OpenZip Water Stopper Closed


 Fourth Step
Put the old towel underneath the filter, this prevents any spillage. 
Lightly hold the filter and press the red lever at the top right of the unit, models made after 2017 will not have the red lever.
After, rotate the filter and create a quarter turn to the left, as this happens your filter will detach which will help you pull it out using a downwards motion. 
Do not be alarmed if some water drip out, just make sure to keep the filter level to avoid more spills. 


Zip Water Base Unit Red Lever 

Fifth Step

 Open up your new filter and remove the sanitary cap, then write the current date where the label is shown. 

Make sure you do not touch the O-ring or where the filter opening is, as this can contaminate the filter. 

Sixth Step

Moisten the O-ring with water and line the front of the filter up to the label on the left. 

Then carefully but assertively push the filter up into the head and a quarter turn to the right as far as it goes without forcing the turn. This will lock the filter cartridge with the front label facing forward.

Seventh Step 

Turn the stopper valve on, rotate the lever clockwise until in-line with the hose, see picture below. 

Zip Water Stopper

Eighth Step

Press start to begin, make sure you run at least 10 litres of water to flush the excess black carbon particles. 

Ninth Step

After 10 litres pass, turn the stopper off, rotate counter clockwise, see pic below.

Press stop, to conclude the filter flush.  Then press the back arrow to take you back to the install page. 

Tenth Step

Press the filter rest and then press internal filter. 

Doing this will reset the counters and bring you back to the home screen. 

For any questions do not hesitate to message us!


Here is a video for more reference! 

How to change your filterZip water