Why Under-Sink Water Filtration Systems?

Why Under-Sink Water Filtration Systems?

Filtered water can be achieved in countless ways. The team at Drinking Well focuses on under-sink filtration systems because we think it’s the best solution.

The first point to evaluate is the water purity levels. Pitcher, faucet-mounted and refrigerator filters primarily remove the taste and odor of chlorine. While this makes the water taste pure, there are many impurities these basic filters are not able to address. Premium under-sink systems are able to remove lead, MTBE and pharmaceuticals.

Next, under-sink systems are very convenient and easy to maintain. Most last a year or more, and are easily swapped out. Other filters require more frequent changes resulting in additional time and effort or, more likely, that the filters don’t get changed.

Last, under-sink systems are highly versatile. The most basic system has cold filtered water that goes to a dedicated cold-only faucet. If you really like cold water, the filtered water can then go to a chiller before being dispensed. Most customers also like to add a water heater. Filtered water is piped to a heated water reservoir where it is instantly on-demand.

Home filtration enables you to have great tasting and pure water at home. Under-sink systems have the purity, convenience and versatility for it to be crowned champion.