If you're the type looking to filter your water, its safe to assume that you care about taking care of the world that we inhabit. It means reducing the number of plastic water bottles that we throw out after one use. Some consumers really go all out with high-efficiency light bulbs and hybrid cars. Unfortunately this often requires investing more than you might otherwise on comparable products. Otherwise for the average consumer, something so simple as recycling can drastically reduce our impact on trash in landfills and the state of our world. Reusing glass bottles and recycling paper products have significant effects on our impacts without much additional cost.
When it's time to replace your old cartridge, the new one will come with a recycling form (also found online here). Simply fill this out and submit it to Water Inc. They will send a pre-paid return label for the used cartridge as well as some basic shipping supplies. Then all you need to do is seal up the old cartridge in an included plastic bag so any water in the cartridge doesn't leak and pack it up. Slap the pre-paid label on the box and drop the package off at your local UPS store. The old cartridge will find its way to Water Inc. where they will process and recycle your old cartridge. Your duty is done!
We know that this is a step we take every time one of the team members at Drinking Well replaces their old Water Inc. filter. We hope that you would take advantage of this system with us as needed. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have with this process. Products that qualify for this recycling program can be found here.